Bali Rejang Dance

is one of the many traditional dance ceremonies that takes place in Bali each week. This dance is hypnotic, slow and seductive. It is preformed by the women as an offering dance to the gods as the men bang their instruments in a coordinating trance. It is pure ancient beauty of sight and sound.  As the women moved, I noticed some had their eyes closed. Others laughed as their children ran through the dancers, mimicking their movements. Some even seemed quite bored. But all of them performed with complete dedication and pure grace. Its seduction immediately produced this duality between the men’s music and the women’s movements.  A trance that I was sure I was caught up in for who knows how long. 

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Thanks for unforgetten memory that you gave to me,, you are so amazing, taking me to nice places and i'm very excited...
I'll be back soon, see you


I have very wonderfull journey with this guys, they are so friendly, they taking us like a family and show us so many beautiful place in Bali, this our best holiday in Bali,
So happy to be a part of this wanderfull journey, thank you very much

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